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Add GPEDIT.msc

via Add GPEDIT.msc by =hackSkillz on deviantART.


Add the Group Policy Editor to Windows 7 editions that normally don’t have it, such as Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium.

I did not make this, I spent an hour turning the web upside down to find a way to add gpedit.msc to Windows 7 Home Premium. I finally found this installer.

It was apparently compiled by “davehc” on the Windows 7 forums. He says in the forum “There is no copyright on it so feel free to use and distribute!” So thats what I’m doing, hopefully it will make it easier to find for someone.

Thanks and all credit to “davehc” , [link]

Windows 7 x64 Users:
You must go to the SysWOW64 folder and copy the GroupPolicy, GroupPolicyUsers folder and the gpedit.msc file into the System32 folder.

Posted November 17, 2012 by paras91 in Windows 7 tweaks

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